5 Ways to Prevent Hemorrhoid

Are you feeling embarrassed because of that itchy sensation you have at the most uncomfortable place to itch especially on a day at work?

But what exactly is a hemorrhoid?

It is described as a swelling that contains blood vessels usually found around the rectum/anus. The symptoms include pain, itching and bleeding around the anus. It can be caused by various reasons among them is the straining during bowel movement, long-lasting constipation, sitting for long hours, obesity, pregnancy and sometimes anal intercourse among others.

But how do you get rid of a hemorrhoid?

Most haemorrhoid cases are self-treated albeit, in case you experience severity in the problem you may want medical procedures which may include surgery. Below are some of the treatment methods you can take while at home

  • Only use non-prescription creams or ointments
  • Soak your anal area for around 10 to 15 minutes two to 3 times a day
  • Make use of stool softeners
  • Ensure your anal area is always kept very clean
  • Use wet toilet papers to further clean it
  • Apply ice packs on the affected areas to relieve the pain
  • Use oral painkillers.

Having noted how you can get rid of them, let us see below how we can prevent hemorrhoid from occurring and reoccurring

Exercise regularly

You will agree with me that lately, doctors have been encouraging people to exercise more so as to reduce the tendency to be caught by just about any disease. It helps avoid diseases like heart attack, diabetes and high blood pressure and even hemorrhoid. In this case exercising is said to loosen your muscles thereby reducing the tendency to experience constipation that will further strain the anus.

In addition, obesity may lead to an exertion of pressure around the anus causing the veins to swell and further leading to haemorrhoid.

Cleaning up

There are studies that indicate essence of cleaning up with water after poop thus maintaining hygiene reduces chances of one suffering from hemorrhoid. When you simply use dry toilet papers there are particles of dirt that often remain and may cause you damage. if you cannot use water at the moment then use wet toilet paper.

Introduce more fibre to your diet and water

If you desire a healthy diet and bottom increase the amount of fibre intake as this will prevent constipation and consequent injury of the bottom. Foodstuffs that contain fibre include fresh fruits, beans, broccoli, carrot and whole grain.

Drink a lot of water

Most people don’t know the importance of drinking more water they don’t drink as much water as they should. Just like exercising, water is encouraged by almost every doctor now as it not only offers blood cleansing but it softens your stool.

Take it easy and just go when you need to

The Study shows that most people tend to strain so much at the gym place which may lead to blood vessels swelling and consequently causing hemorrhoids.

Do not force your poop, just go when you are ready to release because straining the muscles may lead to injuring the anal area and giving way for haemorrhoids to be formed.

Avoid sitting for long periods

Regardless of the fact that you may be at work, school or on a gaming chair, sitting for long hours may cause you very many diseases and hemorrhoid is one of them.

In conclusion, one can conduct self-care in order to avoid the problem. Make sure you use best diets for hemorrhoid often while implementing the above preventive measures to be safe. visit: http://www.dealwithhemorrhoids.com